The Square Peg Shelving system reinvents the classic pegboard for modern spaces.

The timber wall panelling is perforated with 3 alternative shapes, so creating a decorative grid pattern. This is the foundation that allows for an almost infinite variation of shelving length and depth.

Brass rods inserted into the holes both support timber shelves, and provide bookends. By doing this, interesting irregularities interrupt the grid, and give a richness and spontaneity to the design.Plugs, light fittings and switches can be incorporated into the design by enlarging the openings and so integrating them into the whole.

The Square Peg Shelving is sold as a minimum set of two panels and can be supplied in either 18mm Birch plywood or 19mm Valchromat. These are finished in a transparent matt coating.
The panels are fixed to the wall on aluminium mounting battens and are supported to the floor on a load bearing skirting  painted  out to match the surrounding wall colour.

24 circular and 8 square solid brass shelf supports are provided and 6 hexagonal bookends. The shelves are produced in 24mm Douglas Fir or Ash in the following sizes:

Three pieces @ 0.5m long (200mm deep)
Two pieces @ 1m long (200mm deep)
One piece @ 1.5m long (200mm deep)
Two pieces @ 1m long (250mm deep)
Two pieces @ 1.5m long (250mm deep)

The starting cost for the two panels is £3,645.00 (excluding delivery and installation). Our typical lead time is between four and six weeks. For a PDF download click here, for any other information or for enquires regarding customised versions of Square Peg Shelving please contact us here.