Rawminds 3D Design Challenge was a summer programme of workshops designed and run by the studio in collaboration with Thor Ter Kulve and hosted by the Wellcome Collection. It explored how 3D flat-pack technology can respond to the needs of refugees arriving at and living in refugee camps.

A group of young people, responding to the mission and construction of the Global Clinic, were challenged to design products that would support the health and wellbeing of refugees. They interviewedEllen Waters from Doctors of the World to discoverwhat it’s like to live and work in a refugee camp.

Storage for records and medicines, trolleys to transport supplies, crutches,splints and creative activities were specified as needs. These all had to use the same flat-pack technology and as far as possible use offcuts from the construction of the clinic itself to avoid any wastage.

Their sketches, scale drawings, models and prototypes were exhibited in an installation called Made Well as part of the Living with Buildings exhibition at the gallery.